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Individual Screening

Looking out for your company's best interests is what Aurico does best.

FirstStep due diligence reports provide a thorough look at an individual so you can be more informed about one's history and potential before moving forward.

Leveraging a third party vetting tool can help take a first step forward in evaluation, removing emotional responses, and can position you to make a confident decision with factual, unbiased information.

Aurico FirstStep due diligence reports are an effective vetting tool when evaluating:

An Aurico FirstStep report is developed using a national network of paralegals, original research, state and federal agencies and international agents in 200 countries and territories worldwide. Reports typically include financial information, along with criminal/civil litigation, media searches, and public records.

Results are delivered through our WebACE platform in an easy to read format with an executive summary and yellow flags to quickly drill into information for deeper analysis.

Contact us to configure a FirstStep report to align with your requirements.

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