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"Our HR team contacted Aurico on a board member we were considering. The information was unexpected and the thorough research protected us from an ugly situation that could have resulted in significant negative press for our organization due to the individual's background."
Global Parts Manufacturer, CEO

Executives & Board of Directors

An organization's executive team and board of directors are the face of an organization and build the overall brand. In their position, they have the unique ability to influence corporate direction, philosophy and image. As a result, it is critical to vet each candidate to help mitigate risk when adding individuals to the team that could result in a blemish to the organization.

To see examples where executive screening could have added value, one does not have to look further than Yahoo, Notre Dame or even CNN to find examples of people in executive positions who had falsified experience, degrees or accomplishments in order to acquire a position.

In some cases, these executives have legal, financial or media challenges that could undermine the value of the executive when adding them to the team.

Proper due diligence through executive screening will help organizations increase their confidence in the new executive or board director and will add the strategic value needed to take the organization forward.

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A typical Aurico FirstStep report would include:

FirstStep Report: Executives/Board of Directors
Executive Summary
Comprehensive overview of all findings and Risk Assessment
National Profile
Address Verification Aliases Properties Deeds & Transfers
Corporate Affiliations Professional Licenses Bankruptcies
Tax Liens & Judgments UCC Filings
Over 500 million records including National Sex Offender Registry Department of Corrections/Bureau of Prisons Records in 45 States County Court Records in over 1100 counties
State Criminal Record Databases 20 States OFAC Blocked Persons List Denied Persons List
Debarred Persons List FBI Fugitive List National Public Record Online Indexes
Database of Searched Criminal Records Interpol Most Wanted List Canadian OSFI List
  European Union Terrorism Sanctions List  
Financial Action Regulatory Reports
Social Security Trace
Address Summary and Social Security Number Verification
County Criminal Records Search based on Address Summary
County Civil
County Civil Records Search based on Address Summary
Federal Criminal Report
National Criminal Records Search at Federal Level
Federal Civil
National Civil Records Search at Federal Level
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