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"Aurico uncovered a client that had potential credit issues. As a result of the findings, we modified our payment terms to a pay-in-advance structure. Their research uncovered risks that far exceed D&B and sure protected us when they went bankrupt."
Electronics Parts Manufacturer, CFO

New Vendors & Partnerships

Organizations considering relationships with strategic vendors, business partners or new clients often vet through requests for proposal, sales meetings or systematic questions about technical capabilities. Answers are typcially provided by the prospective vendor or client and are taken on their merit.

In some cases, a business report is obtained. Aurico can provide clear opportunities to increase the quality of this reporting through a more comprehensive due diligince program to help further mitigate business risks.

Leveraging a third party to vet partnerships can help companies take a strategic step forward in their ongoing effort to mitigate risk, remove emotional responses and be positioned to make a confident decision with factual, unbiased information driving return on investment.

On top of business credit reporting, Aurico frequently screens for criminal and civil litigation and financial actions, plus media sources and public records to uncover hidden risks to consider when vetting your new vendor or client.  Depending on the scope of the relationship, screening key individuals within their organization can help reduce the risk associated with development of new business relationships.

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A typical Aurico FirstStep report would include:

FirstStep Report: New Vendor/Partnership
Executive Summary
Comprehensive overview of all findings and Risk Assessment
Business Credit Report
Address Verification Intelliscore with Risk Assessment Primary and Secondary Business Categories with SIC Codes
Company background information UCC filings Bankruptcies
DBA's Tax Liens & Judgments Payment Trends
National Media Search
Periodicals Press Releases Internet Search
Financial Action Regulatory Reports
Federal Criminal & Federal Civil
National Criminal Records Search and National Civil Records at the Federal Level
County Civil
County Civil Records Search where Company is located
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